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A single drop that meant everything, meant a world-changing the color spectrum to one. That always was the only color. For you, red could be anger, love, violence, sex. For you could be an instant in which the chemistry of the infatuation brought to light an unexpected red tone in your cheeks, a cold Coca-Cola with a pack of Marlboro in a gas station, a kiss on the corner of a bar, burned skin after a holiday, a sunny day in a dark room or just a red balloon. But for me, it was the only, not just the first, but the only one. Red is a collaborative photography and poetry project between Alejandra Bela and Daniela Parga.

Glasgow School of Arts

Degree Show



Red by Alejandra Bela 1.jpg


By Alejandra Bela & Daniela Parga

What you are looking here on your screen

is a part of my book.

If you look at it real closely

you will see my soul.


As you continue,

you will see me naked.

In the flesh.

Exposing the red quality

of our human condition.


This book is about me

and you.

Is about being a woman.

About being alive.


Red is for those who have given me

red-like moments

and painted my soul red.

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