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© 2018 By Alejandra Bela



By Alejandra Bela & Daniela Parga

What you are looking here on your screen

is a part of my book.

If you look at it real closely

you will see my soul.


As you continue,

you will see me naked.

In the flesh.

Exposing the red quality

of our human condition.


This book is about me

and you.

Is about being a woman.

About being alive.


Red is for those who have given me

red-like moments

and painted my soul red.

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

Feel the air on my lungs.

My head aches

and the reality starts to spin.

Blood starts pumping

and then,

you turn red.  

No control of myself,

the redness takes over my body.




The water turns unease.

Waves collide.

It goes everywhere,

just like my mind.

My emotions and feelings

clash inside my brain.


A wave...

Is it a wave?

It is just water

Isn’t it?


I just see a sea.


But it is


Hay momentos en los que me siento poderosa.

Totalmente cómoda en cada uno de mis poros.

Otros en los que me odio.

Vivo en la dicotomía

de lo que dices de mí

y lo que pienso de mí.

Confundida y sin certeza.

Hay momentos en los que quiero celebrar mi cuerpo

y otros en los que quiero esconderlo.

Castigarme por mis formas,


e imperfecciones.

Me frustra que a pesar de mis esfuerzos

esa voz permanece ahí.

Gestando la duda,

la inseguridad.