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Walking on Water

Walking on water is an exercise about exploring the landscape through memory and self-experience, changing the landscape to a self-portrait projection. Where the memory and the landscape play among themselves a search of the childhood and the roots in the distance. 

Glasgow School of Arts

Degree Show



Walking on Water Low -2.jpg

 We were water before there were we. When we are born the world tries to set us into ground, but somehow the water never left me. I was raised with water underneath. I first swam rather than walk; I learned how to hold my breath rather than breath. The sound of the dancing water resonates on my ears, just like my mother’s voice. At times, I can´t figure if it’s her or the water whose talking. The murmur gently taught me to be strong, but this powerful wave was lowered to go with the current. Just like mother, I am fighting against its course with uncanny rage to bridge the vortex where women lost their faith. 

I am an eddy woman. My soul is vigorous just like the almighty water. My emotions are fierce just like the stormy waves that collide. My skin is impregnated with salt and my feet know exactly how to grip the particles of sand that mold beneath them. Home to me is no land, no ground, or no earth. Home is water, rivers, lakes and seas. I am walking on water to go back home to my mother’s arms. My roots billow twenty-two feet under to my mother’s womb and reconnect me with her, through the one element I know well. 


- Daniela Parga 

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